Hiring a Lawyer to Help with Your Florida Insurance Claim

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Ted Babbitt wrote an article for The Palm Beach Post about how it is important to have a lawyer represent you when dealing with an insurance company. After an accident, dealing with an insurance company to get the compensation you desire can be difficult. Insurance companies employ claims adjusters, whose job it is to make … Read More

What You Need for Your Personal Injury Case

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Our West Palm Beach personal injury law firm has decades of experience handling a broad range of complex injury and litigation matters. Our personal injury attorneys have successfully helped clients secure some of the largest verdicts in Florida. If you or a loved one has suffered due to a personal injury and need expert representation, … Read More

Our Florida Personal Injury Attorneys in the News

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For forty years, Babbitt & Johnson P.A. has been dedicated to helping people seek justice against those whose negligent behavior harmed them and caused serious injury. This focused dedication has led our firm to handle high-profile and difficult legal cases against tough opponents. A recent blog post highlights one such case: a $17.5 million dollar settlement in … Read More

NuvaRing Contraceptive Risks and Malpractice Lawsuit Options

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A recent study on the contraceptive NuvaRing (manufactured by Merck & Co., Inc.) found that users of vaginal rings with ethinyl estradiol and etonogestrel (such as NuvaRing) have an increased risk of blood clots compared to non-users. As a result, lawsuits have been filed that allege the companies involved concealed the health risks associated with using the NuvaRing. … Read More