Ted Babbitt Takes on Scientology

Scientology Litigation

Palm Beach Post wrote an article about Ted Babbitt titled, “West Palm lawyer takes on Scientology in unprecedented arbitration.” The article is about Ted Babbitt suing the Church of Scientology for fraud. According to the article, “[The lawsuit] claims that the church duped an Irvine, Calif. couple out of $465,000 to fund its massive operation … Read More

Federal Motion Filed Against Church of Scientology

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The Church of Scientology is being questioned as a “religion” in a new federal court motion filed by two former Scientologists who contend that the group knowingly defrauded them. The new trial/reconsideration motion says: “There is ample evidence that despite its claimed ‘religious‘ teachings and use of quasi-religious vocabulary, Scientology does not really have anything that could … Read More