As seen on NBC Nightly News, manufacturers like C.R. Bard may be downplaying the risks of their IVC Filter devices. Patients may not be sufficiently warned about the risk of filter fracture, migration, punctured organs, clotting and death.

NBC News investigates the safety of a medical device that was designed to help save Dodi Froehlich’s life, but instead almost killed her – an IVC filter device implanted in thousands of people:

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What are IVC filters?
IVC filters are medical devices that are implanted into the inferior vena cava to limit where blood clots can travel in the body. They are cage-like devices that are placed into the inferior vena cava to trap blood clots and prevent them from traveling and gathering throughout the body, thereby preventing pulmonary embolism.

Common IVC filters are:
-Bard Recovery
-Bard G2
-Bard G2 Express Filters
-Gunther Tulip Filters

Unfortunately, when the devices are left in place, parts of the filter may fracture and break loose; the filter may puncture through the vena cava, aorta and other vital organs; the filter may move or migrate through the body; or, the device may become lodged in the wrong part of the body. The results can be deadly.

What injuries are caused by defective IVC filters?
Some of the injuries that result from defective IVC filters include:
– Punctured organs
– Heart and lung injuries
– Pulmonary embolism (PE)
– Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
– Blood clots, and
– Death

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