Accidents involving a commercial truck are vastly different from those involving two passenger cars for several reasons. The difference that can have the most impact on your case is the extent of shared liability in a truck accident. 

In a two-vehicle car crash, there are typically two drivers and two vehicle owners, making it much simpler to identify fault and place liability. In a commercial truck accident, a range of parties can potentially be considered liable due to the multitude of entities involved in everyday trucking operations.

If you are injured in a trucking accident, it is important to reach out to an experienced truck accident attorney immediately. A knowledgeable attorney can pinpoint connections, roles, and responsibilities between drivers, companies, and manufacturers which can help you seek just and complete compensation from the appropriate parties. 

Identifying where liability falls generally takes an extensive investigation that looks holistically at the truck and all individuals and organizations involved. Thorough investigations may call for expert testimonies that can provide insight into these unique aspects of the trucking industry. 

Common parties that share fault in a truck accident include:

The Truck Driver

As the vehicle operator, the truck driver can be held liable for many reasons. Speeding, reckless driving, distracted or drowsy driving, or driving while intoxicated can all potentially cause a life-threatening crash. 

Manufacturers of the Truck and its Parts

Defective parts can potentially cause hazardous situations for truck drivers and anyone on the road. Manufacturers are responsible for creating and distributing safe and functional parts. Tire blowouts, mechanical failure, or malfunctioning emergency systems are examples of faulty parts that can lead to catastrophic events on the open road.

Trucking Company

Trucking companies typically manage fleets of trucks that ship a variety of cargo. If a company cuts corners or allows its employees to skirt regulations such as vehicle inspections, or maintaining accurate driving records, which contribute to a crash, the company can be held responsible.

Cargo Companies

Cargo loaders use precise methodology and physics to ensure trucks are properly loaded. Unbalanced or improperly weighed cargo can cause serious issues on the road. Likewise, if cargo is not secure, the cargo loaders can be liable if items fall, causing harm or damage.

Highway contractor

Responsible for constructing and maintaining safe and operable roadways, highway contractors can be held liable in a truck accident if their work impedes or interferes with road safety. Ill-lit construction sites, improper signage, and roadway defects are all examples of negligence that can cause an accident. 

How We Can Help

There is no time to hesitate when it comes to trucking accidents. If you or a family member have been involved in a serious crash involving a commercial truck, contact an experienced truck accident attorney immediately.

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