West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyer Testimonials

“Great People! This law firm has represented my mother in the past and we both were very impressed with the quality and kindhearted nature of everyone we spoke to. Mr. Johnson is an amazing attorney, if we need a personal injury attorney in the future, we will seek him out again.”

– Ruiz Hernandez

“Wonderful experience with this firm, they helped me resolve my crisis very quickly and professionally. I never felt like I had to worry about if my case was in good hands. Mr. Johnson has been the best lawyer I have ever had represent me!”
– Kieran Eurick

“I have been graced by the help of these two amazing attorneys and their team. Ted and Joe successfully took on a Fortune 10 company on my behalf. They not only came into my home wishing to learn details related to my accident, but also took time to bond with my wife and I, reassuring us of our future.”

– J. Perry, Auto Accident Victim

“Joe is always prompt to respond to questions, takes time to listen and is very thorough in his case review. There is a sense of trust that’s been established between the family and him. I endorse him fully.”
– Manaloor Abraham

“Best law firm! I highly recommend, very professional. Mr. Johnson and his team are very thorough and care a lot about their clients! 10/10 recommend.”
– Melissa Sun

“Mr. Babbitt helped me almost two decades ago and still to this day I hold him in high esteem. He has one of the sharpest minds I have met to this day. I remember being put at ease after our first one on one discussion. I would definitely seek his services again should the need arise.”

– Robert Sampson

“Very well-respected firm. Mr. Babbitt and Johnson value their clients and go above and beyond with litigation. Their staff is helpful, efficient, and very communicative. I have had the pleasure of working with the best of the best. These attorneys are experienced, and exceptional.”
– Ivana Sara

“They helped my family so much. I am forever grateful.”
– Ebony Johnson

“Staff was lovely to talk to, very professional and friendly. I was put at ease talking to Mr. Johnson regarding my lawsuit. Every time I call, they are able to listen to my worries and answer my questions. Highly Recommend!”
– Denise Wilhite