Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers Explain Commitment

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There is no shortage of law firms handling motor vehicle cases.  However, not all lawyers may be qualified to handle your individual case. Experience, ability and staying power are what we believe should be considered when choosing a lawyer to represent you. Equally important is a track record of success and commitment to winning cases … Read More

Our Commitment to Every Personal Injury Client

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Since 1965 when our Florida personal injury law firm was founded, our success record and reputation have grown…but one thing stays the same: our commitment to each and every personal injury client. The partners at Babbitt and Johnson handle every case themselves; we don’t farm out work to less experienced lawyers. Our Florida injury lawyers serve nationwide cases only after careful … Read More

Federal Motion Filed Against Church of Scientology

Florida Injury Lawyers

The Church of Scientology is being questioned as a “religion” in a new federal court motion filed by two former Scientologists who contend that the group knowingly defrauded them. The new trial/reconsideration motion says: “There is ample evidence that despite its claimed ‘religious‘ teachings and use of quasi-religious vocabulary, Scientology does not really have anything that could … Read More

Our Florida Personal Injury Attorneys in the News

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For forty years, Babbitt & Johnson P.A. has been dedicated to helping people seek justice against those whose negligent behavior harmed them and caused serious injury. This focused dedication has led our firm to handle high-profile and difficult legal cases against tough opponents. A recent blog post highlights one such case: a $17.5 million dollar settlement in … Read More