Ted_Babbitt_Best_Lawyers_imageSince 1988, Ted Babbitt has been a member of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers. This “invitation only” group of elite trial lawyers grants fellowship only after selected lawyers passes a rigorous and careful vetting process. Click here to read Ted’s International Academy of Trial Lawyers biography.

The Academy represents both prosecutors and defense lawyers in criminal cases, and plaintiffs’ and defense counsel in civil litigation (including business and personal injury cases).  Most fellows come to the Academy from the U.S. However, there are also lawyers from 30 countries with memberships as well.

U.S. lawyer fellowships are limited to 500 active trial lawyers under the age of 70. Once a Fellow reaches the age of 70, he or she retains all rights and privileges but is no longer counted against the cap of 500.  This provision allows openings for first-rate nominees to enter the Fellowship.

Ted’s bio reveals his myriad and lengthy memberships with esteemed organizations, fraternities, and fellowships such the International Academy of Trial Lawyers. You can read Ted Babbitt’s entire professional biography at Babbitt-Johnson.com.

In spite of his credentials, Ted Babbitt does not hand cases to junior lawyers and just oversee them. He takes a “hands on” approach and is quite selective about the cases he accepts. His formula enables him to win cases against long odds by giving each client the attention and resources they deserve.

If you are in need of legal representation for a personal injury, contact Ted Babbitt’s firm Babbitt and Johnson P.A. to schedule a free consultation. They will give you an honest assessment of your case and explain your legal options. Call (561) 375-2841 or fill out the online contact form. Babbitt and Johnson is dedicated to ensuring your rights are protected, and accept cases throughout the United States.