If you are wondering how long you can claim a lawsuit after you or a loved one have been in an auto accident, know that the answer depends on the state where the accident happened. Each state has its own specific laws and deadlines regarding how long a lawsuit can be filed after a car accident.

Time limits for filing a lawsuit can vary widely in auto insurance cases. For example in Florida, if anyone was injured in the crash, a lawsuit must be filed within four years of the date of the accident. Additionally, if someone dies as a result of the accident a wrongful death lawsuit may be filed against the at-fault driver within two years of the date of the person’s death or the date of the accident if they differ. Source:

What’s important to note is that if you do not make the required 2-4 year deadline to file, your case will most likely not be considered.

Sadly, the victims and their families involved in the accidents are often left physically, emotionally, and financially devastated as a result of someone else’s negligence. It’s no wonder automobile accidents are the nation’s leading cause of injury and non-disease-related death. The cases are rarely simple and often present some of the most complex legal issues.

Victims are wise to contact car accident lawyers with decades of experience handling (and winning) a myriad of motor vehicle accident cases to get them the compensation they deserve.

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