The following is the experience of Josh Perry, one of our remarkable clients.

“I was a young, fit, and healthy 38 years old. Proud father of two. Married. An aspiring businessman. Successful and rapidly progressing through my career, within a top fortune 500 manufacturing company. I was on top of my game and, looking back, life could not get much better.

It was business as usual while I carried out my morning routine(s) – returning emails, responding to voice messages, and mapping out the remainder of my day. I kissed the foreheads of my kids as they peacefully slept, grabbed my soft-drink and keys, and headed out. Little did I know “this day” would forever change my life and those I love…

Just before dawn, I was en route to deliver the opening speech for a college-level sales and marketing course. About 30 minutes into my drive, as I headed north on Interstate 95, I was involved in a severe motor vehicle accident while traveling approximately 70 mph.

I suddenly found myself wedged beneath the rear end of a nearly stationary tractor-trailer. As I recall. Trailer lights were not lit, or missing, and no reflective materials identified its outline or presence on the road. It all happened so quickly. I didn’t have time to respond. The impact left me pinned and trapped in my vehicle as I was dragged a bit further down the road.

“I have been graced by the help of these two amazing attorneys and their team. Ted and Joe successfully took on a Fortune 10 company on my behalf. They not only came into my home wishing to learn details related to my accident, but also took time to bond with my wife and I, reassuring us of our future.”

The passenger compartment quickly filled with toxic smoke. I was in pain. My body was broken in numerous places, bleeding, and charred with 4th-6th degree burns on my lower extremities. My bone was exposed due to the fire.  I was life-flighted to the trauma center.

The faces and love of my precious smiling 10 and 12-year-olds, at the time, offered me tremendous courage and strength as I fought to survive. I credit my nearly 20 years in Emergency Services for keeping me calm as the flames were extinguished and my vehicle was cut away from around me. My physicians and nurses did a terrific job putting me back together. And I credit the Good Lord for keeping me alive.

Additionally, and thankfully, my awesome team at Babbitt and Johnson, helped resolve much of the uncertainty before me as it relates to finances. Will I work again? Where will the money come from to pay for a lifetime of medical expenses? How much do prostheses, wheelchairs, and motorized scooters cost? What medically necessary modifications are needed to my home and can I afford them? As a parent, would I retain the ability to help my beautiful children through their college educations? And will anyone require therapy?

I felt well informed. I was guided throughout the entire legal process. And given sound advice…‘Remain patient. Respect the process.’ They ultimately, and successfully, settled my case. And gave back that which was so quickly stolen from me that early morning. They were able to return, to me, the financial freedoms I had been working so hard to earn and maintain for my family.

Ted Babbitt and Joe Johnson are more than personal injury attorneys, we remain in periodic contact today. They helped put my life back together following its darkest period. I will be forever grateful and have no qualms recommending their service and representation.”