We started Babbitt & Johnson P.A. in 1967 to provide individuals and their families across the United States with expert personal injury representation. Soon after we founded our Florida-based personal injury law practice, our firm became the first in Palm Beach County to obtain a million-dollar verdict in a personal injury matter. Since that first memorable win, our reputation and our track record has grown, but one thing remains the same: our care and commitment to help each and every client.

We care about people, and go the extra mile to make sure our client’s cases are being handled with the utmost care. To this day, five decades later, our partners still handle every case; we never farm out work to a less experienced lawyer.

And we take on cases only after careful consideration and investigation.

Our personal approach allows us to devote the resources every personal injury case needs – and every victory demands. Other lawyers are quick to settle, because that’s the easiest way for them to move on to the next case. We’ll go all the way to trial, if necessary. Your best interests get our best efforts.

When asked what makes us a unique personal injury law firm, unique, our answer is simple but powerful- We care.