The attorneys at Babbitt & Johnson P.A. have been representing people injured in auto accidents for decades. Our experience handling motor vehicle cases gives us the expertise our clients demand – and that our opponents dread.

While we have won multi-million dollar settlements for our auto accident clients, what makes us unique is that we have also developed deep relationships and stay in touch with our clients (and their families and children) years and years later. The statement below is from a client that we worked for almost 5 years ago.

As my Tahoe traveled Northbound on I95 (in Florida) at 70 mph, I was struck and became lodged under the backside of an 18 wheeler. Dragged almost a mile, flames quickly engulfed the passenger compartment while I sat pinned in the drivers seat. Life-threatening injuries included: internal damages, broken neck, multiple compound fractures and fourth plus degree burns to my lower limbs; ultimately resulting in bilateral below-knee amputations.

While this accident has forever changed my life personally and professionally, I have been graced by the help of these two amazing attorneys and their team. Ted and Joe successfully took on a Fortune 10 company on my behalf. They not only came into my home wishing to learn details related to my accident, but also took time to bond with my wife and I, reassuring us of our future. Each member of the Babbitt and Johnson team was extremely responsive and respectful to our needs. Everyone also took time to patiently answer each question, leading us through the entire legal process.

Years later, my auto accident lawyers are also my friends. We remain in contact, continuing to exchange words of encouragement and congratulations. My financial settlement is expected to cover related medical expenses and career losses for life. Thanks, once again, to the Babbitt-Johnson team for everything you’ve done. You are an incredible team of caring folks and I am forever grateful.  –J. Perry

Whether we are the attorneys for an auto accident or representing other personal injury cases, we help our clients obtain fair compensation. And we help them recover.

We do what we do because we want to help people.

We have a success record that pales in comparison to other firms and while our reputation and our track record is very established, one remains the same: our commitment to each client. Our partners handle every case themselves; thye never farm out work to a less experienced lawyer.

We invite you to read more about our firm and contact us if you have a personal injury case that needs expert representation.