Medical Malpractice Cases

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Florida Medical Malpractice attorney Ted Babbit wrote an article for The Palm Beach Post explaining common examples of medical malpractice cases. There are more than 250,000 deaths related to medical errors annually in the U.S. The consequences range from minor discomfort to permanent injuries or death. Common examples include: Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis Surgical and … Read More

Affirmative Defenses in Cases of Negligence

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In an article for the Palm Beach Post, Florida personal injury attorney, Theodore Babbitt, discusses defenses in negligence actions. It is important for lawyers who handle personal injury cases to be aware of all defenses that can be raised by a defendant. The defendant can allege a number of “affirmative defenses”: Comparative Negligence: “…the jury … Read More

Cases of Negligence: Elements To Be Aware Of

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In an article for the Sarasota Herald Tribune, Florida personal injury attorney Theodore Babbitt discusses being aware of the duty of care when handling cases of negligence. A case of negligence requires proof of the following elements: Duty of care towards the person injured Failure to provide that care in a reasonable fashion Damages flowing from … Read More