When we opened the doors to our personal injury law firm in Palm Beach, FL, more than five decades ago, our promise was to give each client the respect and care that their case required. To this day, we’ve upheld that promise by taking on cases only after careful consideration and investigation, allowing our partners Ted Babbitt and Joe Johnson to personally handle every case themselves – we never farm out a case to a less experienced lawyer. By not overloading our firm with cases, we’re able to dedicate our time to getting to know the clients while diligently working on their case, and bringing them the justice they deserve.

This testimonial reinforces that our promise to serving our clients to the best of our abilities is still intact. Thank you for the kind words.

Your law firm and your due diligence in our behalf has blessed our life beyond measure. We’re eternally grateful for your dedication to our case and for the compensation your law firm has blessed us with. The truth is essentially stated in these words: It’s not so much how much you know that matters, it’s how much you care. Everyone in your firm “cared” beyond measure. Thanks to all of you.

-R. Watson (08/14/2020)

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