Ted Babbitt wrote an article for the Palm Beach Post about the lane splitting law in Florida.

Lane splitting is when a motorcyclist creates his or her own lane by riding in between stopped or slowed cars.

Lane splitting is not legal in Florida, and part of the Florida statute states that ”[n]o person shall operate a motorcycle between lanes of traffic or between adjacent lines or rows of vehicles.”  The same statute also says motorcycles are entitled to use the full lane and “no motor vehicles shall be driven in such a manner as to deprive any motorcycle of the full use of a lane.”

Drivers of passenger vehicles must be mindful of motorcycle vehicles and be aware of their surroundings; always check for motorcycles before speeding up, switching lanes, or making any maneuvers – if you get in an accident and did not give the motorcyclist full use of the lane, you could be held liable.

If you are a motorcyclist and were lane splitting when the accident occurs, the insurance company might flag it against you and lessen the damages you receive.

Read Ted’s article about lane splitting in Florida.

Whether you are a passenger vehicle or a motorcyclist and have gotten into an accident, the next best step is to find an attorney with experience in motorcycle accidents, specifically relating to lane splitting because the details can get tricky.

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