Our Florida personal injury law firm doesn’t take every case that comes in the door. We hand-select our cases to ensure that our attorneys are the right fit and that we have the resources to dedicate to the case. Every case in our office is a #1 priority. Since we’ve been in the personal injury business for 50 years, we’ve had many successes including:

  • Wrongful Death, $40 million. Fredchen Keller, 13 at the time, sued his father, who had shot and killed his mother, for wrongful death. Verdict was reached in one hour on behalf of Fredchen Keller.
  • Child Abuse, $27.2 million. Settled against the city of New York and the Diocese of Brooklyn for unspeakable trauma of severely abused foster children.
  • Class Action, $11.5 million. Repeated court victories against major landlords accused of gouging Florida tenants with illegal fees. Babbitt & Johnson worked with Rod Tennyson, P.A. on these cases.
  • Medical Malpractice, $10 million. Central Florida 2-year old girl who suffered serious brain damage during a heart surgery.
  • Defective Drug, $9.45 million. Combined settlements for clients who were administered a defective drug during open-heart surgery and suffered renal failure or death.
  • General Liability, $3.2 million. Awarded to a father who was injured during rock climbing when the safety restraints failed.
  • Auto Accident, $1.1 million. Settlement to a model that was hit by a motorcycle speeding at 90 miles per hour. The case settled for the insurance policy limits.

Babbitt & Johnson P.A. handles sophisticated litigation matters that include class actions, product liability, business litigation, and catastrophic injury cases throughout Florida and across the country. Our reputation is built on dedication, hard work, respect for our clients, and the ability to learn something new from every case we try.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury due to negligence of another person or a company, you have the right to seek full compensation. Call us for a free consultation at (561) 375-2841. Our Palm Beach personal injury attorneys will get your questions answered, give you an honest assessment of your case, and explain your legal options.