This year marks Babbitt and Johnson P.A.’s half-decade as a personal injury law firm. Florida Record covered the story.

The Florida Record profile shared some of our firm’s biggest and memorable cases over the last 50 years including Keller v. Keller, rendered in 2008, when Ted Babbitt represented 13-year-old Fredchen Keller, whose father had shot and killed his mother just days after their divorce had been finalized. Fred Keller was a Palm Beach millionaire who killed his wife, Rosemarie, after she was awarded half of his real-estate fortune.

Ted Babbitt shared what sets his West Palm Beach personal injury firm apart from other personal injury law firms:

“Babbitt & Johnson P.A built its personal injury and accident law practice on reputation. Other lawyers are quick to settle…We’ll go all the way to trial, if necessary. Because that’s the only way our client can move on. Your best interests get our best efforts.”

To read the Florida Record article, click here.