Sexual assault in the State of Florida means any unwanted sexual contact made against another person, whether rape, attempted rape, molestation, harassment, sex trafficking or sexual abuse. The seriousness of this kind of assault cannot be understated, and its consequences can leave victims and their families grappling with physical and emotional trauma that lasts for years, if not a lifetime.

While statistics can’t convey the whole of such trauma, they can be helpful in understanding the magnitude of the problem. Among those statistics:

  • According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one in three women and one in four men experience sexual violence in their lifetime. In Florida, one in six women have been raped at some point in their lives.
  • Florida had 8,105 rape offenses and 331 attempted rape offenses in 2018. Note that these only include cases that were reported. Countless other victims never go to the police after a rape or attempted rape, which means actual numbers are likely significantly higher.
  • Sex trafficking, which is a form of sexual assault, is up in the United States. As Ted Babbitt of Babbitt-Johnson P.A. recently noted, in 2015, nearly 2,000 suspects sought the help of U.S. attorneys for sex trafficking charges, up from 1,300 in 2011.

Babbitt & Johnson PA is committed to representing victims of these and other sexual assault crimes. We can work with you to pursue civil action against a perpetrator and any other parties who may be liable. If you or someone in your family is the victim of sexual assault, reach out today so we can help you receive compensation for you or your loved one.