In a recent article, Florida personal injury attorney Ted Babbitt discusses what to do after experiencing a car accident.

Best_Car_Accident-Lawyers_In_West_Palm_Beach_2020_ExpertiseHe says, “The moments following an accident can be difficult but it is important to remain calm and capture as much information at the scene of an accident as possible. Report all accidents to your insurance agent immediately or you may lose insurance coverage.”

Here’s what you need to do after a car accident:

#1 – Call the police and take photographs. You can take photos all of the cars involved in the crash. This includes photos of the license plates, street signs, traffic signals and the intersection.

#2 – Take notes. Describe the accident and damages involved to your car and other people and objects involved.

#3 – Get contact info. Get vehicle and driver information from people involved as well as witnesses. This includes names, contact info, and insurance info from the person with whom you had the accident. Get the name and precinct of the police officers who show up at the scene as well.

“You are required to cooperate with law enforcement to investigate the accident. You are not required to provide a statement to the insurance company insuring the person who struck you but you do need to cooperate with your own insurance company.” Babbitt says.

He adds, “If you are asked to give a statement to anyone other than your own insurance company, you should politely refer them to your attorney.”

Car accidents caused by negligence or inattentive drivers can be very devastating. Our Florida personal injury attorneys are very experienced representing car accident victims. We represent the following:

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  • Florida Tire Blow-Out Accidents
  • Florida Fatal Car Crash Law Firm
  • Bike and Pedestrian Accidents

We also represent victims of motorcycle accidents as well as truck accidents.

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