Experienced Aviation Accident Lawyers

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Plane crashes (large and small) cause physical, emotional, and financial harm to all parties involved.  The award-winning personal injury lawyers Babbitt & Johnson have been representing plane crash victims since 1967, and in the process, we’ve recovered significant verdicts and settlements for our injured clients and the families of the deceased.  The reason our Florida … Read More

Ted Babbitt: A Pilot and Aviation Attorney

Aviation accidents

Ted Babbitt is a personal injury lawyer in West Palm Beach, representing personal injury victims and their families in Florida and throughout the United States. His personal injury work includes aviation litigation. He is uniquely positioned to handle aviation accident matters. Ted been flying since 1969 and has logged more than 4,500 hours. He is … Read More

Ted Babbitt – Personal Injury Attorney and Aviation Expert

Aviation accidents

Personal injury attorney Ted Babbitt’s experience as a pilot gives him a competitive edge in aviation litigation. He has mastered, in numerous cases over a long career, the nuances, strategies, and pitfalls of this challenging and complicated area of law. He has been flying since 1969. He’s a commercial pilot and flight instructor with ratings … Read More

Robinson Helicopter Company Urged to Change Fuel Tanks

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The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is urging helicopter manufacturer, Robinson Helicopter Company to change the fuel tanks in its four-seat R44 choppers to avoid unnecessary deadly accidents. According to an LA Times article titled: “NTSB urges fix on Robinson helicopter fuel tanks after fatalities,” the NTSB made their recommendation after investigating R44 helicopter accidents … Read More