West Palm Beach Florida personal injury lawyer Ted Babbitt wrote an article for The Palm Beach Post on the steps to take after being involved in a boating accident.

In his article, Ted discusses safe boating practices to avoid potential accidents, and how to most effectively handle accidents in the event that they occur:

  • Adhere to both federal and state laws when operating on Florida waterways – Boat operators must be attentive to their surroundings and not use excessive speed or operate boats while under the influence.
  • Pay close attention to dangerous wakes – This includes avoiding wakes created by others, and not creating wakes too close to swimmers or shorelines.
  • Carry the proper first aid equipment aboard the vessel – This is required by Florida law. In the event of an accident, the boat operator should administer as much first aid as possible. Fail to do so and the operator can be held liable.
  • Notify the authorities if an accident takes place – Florida law dictates it is illegal to leave the scene of an accident without first contacting the authorities.
  • File a report if there is significant damage – If an accident occurs and someone’s injuries are severe, or if there is death, disappearance, or property damage of more than $2,000, federal law requires a report to be filed, which can then be used as admissible evidence in a civil suit. A report can be filed with the Division of Law Enforcement of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the sheriff of the county where the accident happened, or the police chief of the municipality in which the accident occurred.

In the event of an accident with significant injuries or damage to property, it is important that you follow all of the steps above to have the best chance of receiving compensation in court.

To read Ted’s full article, click here.

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