Ted Babbitt wrote an article for The Palm Beach Post about how it is important to have a lawyer represent you when dealing with an insurance company.

After an accident, dealing with an insurance company to get the compensation you desire can be difficult. Insurance companies employ claims adjusters, whose job it is to make sure their employer, the insurance company, pays as little as possible on any personal injury claim.

It might be tempting for a client to avoid paying a portion of a settlement to a lawyer by trying to handle their case themselves. If unrepresented, an insurance adjuster knows how to emphasize the weaknesses in a potential claim while diminishing the value of a claim, resulting in the victim of someone’s negligence settling for an insufficient amount.

An experienced personal injury lawyer is far more likely to obtain an adequate settlement for an accident victim. Seek out a personal injury lawyer who will represent you on a contingency basis, meaning if you do not win, you owe them nothing.

If you or a loved one were involved in an accident, you may want to seek an experienced attorney to help you file the claim and navigate you through the process. Contact our West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer at (561) 375-2841 to schedule a free consultation where you can speak with an attorney and get your questions answered.