There is no shortage of Florida personal injury attorneys proclaiming their expertise. Theodore-Babbitt-Scientology-Litigation-AttorneyHowever, few could claim the credentials, accolades, and esteem of West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyer, Theodore Babbitt of Babbitt & Johnson P.A. For over forty years, Ted Babbitt has successfully taken on some of the toughest Florida personal injury cases and obtained numerous high-profile, multimillion-dollar recoveries for his clients.

Mr. Babbitt possesses the following distinguished credentials:

  • A member of the Inner Circle of Advocates, an invitation-only group limited to just 100 of the top plaintiffs’ lawyers in the country.
  • Written more than 100 articles appearing in national and local publications.
  • Given lectures for other attorneys and chaired nearly a dozen professional committees.
  • Has been listed – for more than 20 years — in The Best Lawyers in America.

When searching for the right attorney, Theodore Babbitt suggests people “do their homework” and consider the following:

  • Don’t hire a lawyer based upon location – top lawyers are willing to travel throughout the U.S. to provide their specialties.
  • Don’t hire a lawyer from an advertisement – you know nothing about the lawyer’s background, training, experience and success in handling cases like yours.
  • When looking for a Florida personal injury attorney, make sure you consider the length of time in practice, how well connected they are and the type of personal injury organizations they belong to.
  • Find a lawyer that works on a contingency fee basis – if there is no recovery, you owe nothing.

No detail is too small, and no opponent is too big – Ted Babbitt’s style is not to let junior lawyers do the legwork. He prefers to be selective of the cases he chooses and then gets right to the heart of the matter. This strategy enables him to give clients the attention they deserve and win cases against long odds.