For decades, Americans have taken to the water for sports and recreation. Due to the popularity, the demand for boats and personal watercrafts (PWC) has increased significantly. However, the rise in boat use has also resulted in more boating accidents and deaths. A U.S. Coast Guard report shows the following U.S. boating statistics for 2012:

  • 651 boating deaths
  • 3,000 injuries as a result of 4,515 boating accidents

Those numbers are surprising, especially since boating is thought to be a relatively safe activity.  After all, it isn’t exactly an extreme sport like skydiving or big wave surfing. What these numbers indicate is that a significant portion of boating injuries are due to negligence typically as a result of the following: alcohol use, operator inattention, and inexperience, improper lookout, machinery failure, and excessive speed. These contributing factors account for nearly 17% percent of all reported fatalities according to 2012 U.S.C.G. Recreational Boating Statistic Report.

When a boating accident is the result of someone else’s negligence, they can lead to viable legal claims. For example, if a boat operator negligently hits another boat, that person may be liable for the damage caused to individuals and property. Thankfully, in many cases, those whose lives have been severely harmed by a boating accident do have legal recourse. However, it is important to partner with an experienced Florida Watercraft Accident Attorney who understands how to navigate the murky waters of the court system to skillfully advocate the recovery you deserve.

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