In a recent article, Florida personal injury attorney Ted Babbitt discusses Florida’s statute for dog bites.

He says in his article:

“…the dog bite statute makes a dog owner strictly liable without proof of negligence to anyone who is lawfully on their property and gets bitten by their dog. A dog owner is also liable if their dog bites someone in a public or private place whether or not it is the property of the owner of the dog.”

Note, if a homeowner clearly displays a sign (easily readable) on their premises that include the words “Bad Dog,” then the homeowner is only liable if they have been negligent in some fashion in controlling their dog. The protection provided to an owner by a “Bad Dog” sign is not applicable as to any child under the age of six.

A person is lawfully on a dog owner’s property if they are on the property performing any duty such as a postal work, or if they are on the property through any actual or implied consent of the owner. There is an exception to this law in the event the person bitten is partially responsible for their own injury because they have harassed or teased the dog.

Our Florida personal injury law firm handles dog bite cases. All cases are handled on a contingency basis, meaning the dog bite victim won’t pay unless a verdict/settlement is concluded.

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