We announced last week that the law firms of Babbitt and Johnson of West Palm Beach Florida and Weil Quaranta, PC of Miami and Los Angeles have filed a federal class action suit against General Nutrition Corporation (GNC), alleging deception in the herbal supplement market.

A recent Nutra Ingredients article titled: Death by a Thousand Cuts: Class Actions Follow NY AG’s Herbal Supplement Sting highlights our case as well as other herbal supplement suits being filed across the country. Sadly, when a product causes harm, it’s generally not an accident – it’s negligence. As Florida personal injury attorneys for over 40 years, we have seen serious injuries, and even death, happen all too frequently. Through proper legal channels, we are able to uncover all the facts and details of the failure. As Theodore Babbitt, founder and partner at Babbitt and Johnson said regarding the suit against GNC, “this is more than a matter of mislabeling or even fraud. This is a potential public danger. ”

As consumers, we expect the contents of a product to be placed on the label. We also assume that we can safely and efficient use the product based on the information and list of ingredients on that label. Unfortunately, our experience shows that faulty, unsafe products can be devastating and in some cases, fatal to unwitting consumers. The defendants in these types of cases are typically large corporations, with the financial and legal assets to draw out a case, and make recovery a challenge.

Over the last five decades, our firm has risen to this challenge and fought hard to do what’s right. That means making negligent defendants take responsibility for their actions, or inactions and compensate victims for the pain and suffering their products have caused.

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