There are many stresses that come along with being involved in a personal injury case. Fortunately, contingent fee contracts take away some of the stress.

Contingent fee contracts provide lawyers with a strong motivation to work diligently to win a case in a timely manner. This is because lawyers that take on these types of cases take on an enormous financial risk.

Ted Babbitt wrote an article for the Palm Beach Post explaining how a contingent fee contract works.

Things to know about a contingent fee contract include:

  • Lawyers who handle personal injury use these contracts.
  • A contingent fee is a fee charged for a lawyer’s services if a lawsuit is successful as the result of either a settlement or judgment.
  • The fee is typically calculated based on a percentage of the amount recovered for the client.
  • If the client’s case is not successful, then they do not pay anything to the lawyer.

Click here to read Ted’s full article explaining contingent fee contracts.

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