Not all personal injury lawyers are created equal. In fact, some may put their interests before their clients – meaning they don’t always get the best results for their clients. It’s important that if you need the services of a Florida personal injury attorney, you find knowledgeable legal representation that understands the Florida legal system, has a track record of success and the credentials to back it up.

Here are some of the firm’s distinguishing characteristics the video highlights:

  • Personal service is a hallmark of Babbitt & Johnson P.A.

Babbitt & Johnson P.A. has been practicing personal injury cases in West Palm Beach since 1967. Not long after the practice began, it became the first law firm in Palm Beach Country to obtain a million-dollar verdict in a personal injury. While the reputation and track record have grown in five decades one thing has remained the same: an unyielding commitment to each client.

  • Selective about accepting cases

The law firm of Babbitt & Johnson P.A. are selective about the cases it takes because it only wants to provide good quality service and devote the proper resources each case needs. Each partner handles every aspect of a client’s case from start to finish examining every angle to obtain the best possible result. Work is never farmed out work to a less experienced lawyer.

Each partner and associate collaborate on the cases utilizing the varying areas of expertise and practice.

  • Fully committed and not intimidated

No matter the client or the defendant being sued, when a client comes to Babbitt & Johnson, P.A. they can expect the firm is not going to give up or let go until the job is done. Some law firms may be quick to settle because that’s the easiest way for them to move on. The personal injury lawyers at Babbitt & Johnson P.A. are committed to taking a case all the way to trial, if necessary.

This strategy is what makes Babbitt & Johnson P.A. a different sort of law firm: they maximize recoveries and relationships with clients.

If you or a loved one has been injured because of another party’s negligence or wrongful act, contact a West Palm Beach personal injury attorney at Babbitt & Johnson, P.A. at (561) 375-2841. We are dedicated to ensuring that individuals receive the highest-quality legal representation available.