While patients place an immense amount of trust in health care providers, it is all too common to hear of serious medical malpractice cases impacting people of all ages, in routine medical procedures all over the world. 

If you suspect that medical malpractice has occurred in a procedure that you or a family member underwent, it is key to act quickly to maintain records and contact a medical malpractice attorney. 

Errors made during medical procedures can impact you for the remainder of your life and can potentially become worse if left untreated or unrehabilitated. In Florida, there are specific statutes of limitations that dictate the timeframe for filing a lawsuit. Here are some steps you can take right away if you suspect you have a Florida medical malpractice case:

  • Find a new healthcare provider

If you are treated incorrectly your number one priority should be to find medical treatment to heal any harm caused by negligence or malpractice. Even though you or your family member may have experienced severe mistreatment and it may be hard to trust a new provider, it is important that you prioritize recovery and be able to move forward with a lawsuit. 

  • Collect documentation

It is illegal to change medical records but it has been done in an effort to cover up negligence. Maintaining your own medical records with dates and details, photo evidence, and statements from witnesses or additional doctors is key in building a successful case and will also show any fraud that might have been attempted after the fact. Scans, test results, prescriptions, emails, voicemails, messages, bills, and statements of benefits are all examples of documentation that can possibly be used in a case. 

The best way to ensure that your records are not altered is to request them in person by returning to your original provider’s office without making an appointment. Do not mention that you are seeing a lawyer or are thinking about suing the doctor. If you are questioned simply say you would like a second opinion. The medical staff may refuse or ask you to come back later, but it is important that you get your records at that moment. Let them know that you are willing to wait as long as it takes, or pay to obtain the copy. 

  • Research medical malpractice claims in Florida

The more information you have going into a meeting with an attorney, the better. While every medical malpractice contains its own unique set of circumstances, understanding aspects of the law such as the statute of limitations in your state, results of previous cases brought against the same hospital, or examples of possible settlements will help you see the big picture of your case and possible outcomes. 

  • Speak with a medical malpractice attorney

There is no reason to wait to speak to an attorney if you believe you have been subjected to negligence or malpractice while receiving medical treatment. An attorney with specific experience with malpractice cases will be the ideal representation for your case. Waiting too long to reach out for legal support can void your case altogether. Ted Babbitt has been serving the West Palm Beach, Florida area for decades, assisting patients in finding peace of mind and financial support after medical malpractice. 

  • Stay quiet about your case

Resolving a medical malpractice case can take months to years. It is in your best interest to keep your lawsuit private as you gather information and details to present to your attorney. Avoid sharing information with other parties involved in your case or insurance providers without assistance from your attorney. The insurance companies that represent large hospitals will do whatever they can to defend their doctors and avoid a large claim. 

If you believe you have been the victim of medical malpractice or negligence you should seek proper medical and legal help immediately. Ted Babbitt is an award-winning personal injury attorney in Florida with extensive experience working with medical malpractice claims. He will take the time to guide you through the process one step at a time, connect you with experts in the medical field, and see your case through to its resolution. 

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