Florida Boating Accidents

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West Palm Beach Florida personal injury lawyer Ted Babbitt wrote an article for The Palm Beach Post on the steps to take after being involved in a boating accident. In his article, Ted discusses safe boating practices to avoid potential accidents, and how to most effectively handle accidents in the event that they occur: Adhere to … Read More

Florida Boating Accident Statistics

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Ted Babbitt, Florida watercraft accident lawyer, wrote an article for The Palm Beach Post about Florida boating accident statistics. Florida leads the nation when it comes to boating accidents, with 679 recorded accidents in 2019, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. Of those, 55 were fatal, resulting in 62 deaths. The top five factors contributing … Read More

Florida Pharmaceutical Liability Claims

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Drug product cases, also known as pharmaceutical liability, happen when drug manufacturers release products into the market without sufficient studies or despite problematic evidence around side effects. In The Palm Beach Post article titled Pharmaceutical liability basics to know when making a claim, Florida pharmaceutical liability attorney Ted Babbitt outlines when injured persons may have … Read More

Medical Errors: A System-Wide Problem

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Florida personal injury attorney, Theodore Babbitt, discusses error in medicine in an article he wrote for the Palm Beach Post. The World Health Organization’s September 2019 report showed that “globally, medical errors still harm about 40% of patients of primary and outpatient care. Millions of people are hurt every year from medication errors and errors … Read More

Ted Babbitt: Get to Know One of America’s Top Trial Attorneys

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Palm Beach State College did a featured story on Theodore (Ted) Babbitt titled, The Verdict is in: One of America’s Top Trial Attorneys. A member of the Inner Circle of Advocates, International Academy of Trial Lawyers, and The American College of Trial Lawyers, Ted is a highly acclaimed, award-winning attorney. The piece recounts the journey and … Read More

West Palm Beach Florida Personal Injury Attorneys

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Babbitt and Johnson P.A. is the go-to personal injury attorney law firm for sophisticated litigation matters. Since the founding of our law firm in 1967, we have more than 100 years of combined experience, securing some of the largest verdicts in Florida’s history. We dedicate hard work, attention, and resources to every case. We can … Read More